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Choosing Your Smoking Wood

The smoking wood we offer is harvested and stored indoors to preserve the moisture and cleanliness of your wood. We always ship in a mesh bag as our moisture content is ideal for smoking. If you are buying smoking wood in a sealed bag it is already dried out and has lost great flavor.

When prepping our wood for your smoker box, it’s important to never soak it. Did you ever notice when you soak chips, the water turns brown and then you then dump that out? That was the lignin content in the wood, which holds your flavor. Soaking wood for your wood chip smoker box destroys the flavor profile. That is simple wood science.


  • ALMOND – This selection has a medium flavor that is great with all meats. It has a nutty and sweet profile similar to Pecan. It has won many awards, is a prized secret, and a must try!
  • APPLE – These chips have a mild flavor for white meat. You can taste the natural sweetness of Washington Red Apple trees. Don’t miss this one when seeking BBQ pellets.
  • APRICOT – When you are seeking wood for white meat, this one is great. It’s close in profile to award-winning Peach but a bit sweeter. Try Apricot and your will be back for more.
  • GRAPE – A heavenly wood with poultry, this little gem is from Chardonnay Wines canes. Please note that it is limited in supply.
  • HICKORY – This selection is great with all meats and is likely America's favorite. Try it today with our wood chip smoker box.
  • WHITE OAK – Wonderful for beef with an awesome flavor profile, this wood is not as strong flavored as Mesquite.
  • ORANGE – When you want something fairly mild and great with all meats, try this selection. It as a nice fruity flavor, but is extremely hot!
  • MULBERRY – These chips have a mild flavor with a sweet, yet fruity, flavor. It’s also tangy with a hint of wild blackberry flavor. Try it with all meats.
  • PEACH – Choose this one for pork and poultry when you want a sweet and mild flavor. Peach is a favorite amongst many professional smokers
  • PEAR – Enjoy a light, sweet, and woodsy flavor with your poultry, gamebirds, and pork with pear wood.
  • PECAN – An absolute can't miss, this wood is dynamite for white meat. It has more flavor than fruit woods, but it is not as strong as hickory or mesquite.
  • PLUM – When cooking fish, plum wood is the best choice. Furthermore, you can use it with poultry and do a 75% plum and 25% pecan split for neighborhood pulled pork.
  • SUGAR MAPLE – Sweet and Mild, this is a great smoke producer. Try is with pork and poultry.
  • SWEET CHERRY – Another of America's favorite, this mild and fruity wood is great for beef, poultry, and salmon, but is bitter for swordfish.

Contact us to learn more about our wood selections or to order our smoker box.