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Hello my name is Patrick King and I am the owner of DiamondKingSmoker and the Inventor of The Original SmokerCooker System. We have taken all of the guesswork out of smoking meat and wood fired cooking that took Pit-Masters several decades to master. We made it for the largest market sector in the world and that is BBQ grill owners; over 93 million households in just the USA alone own a BBQ Grill. This system is as simple as load, light and enjoy. We addressed the biggest challenges that the average homeowner faces; lighting the fire, getting it to the right temperature, and to be affordable for the average consumer. This is the only BBQ accessory that can create all the heat and all the smoke without the use of propane or charcoal; by using 100% Impeccably Cured SmokingWood.

 Here is how The Original Smoker system works; 8 Simple to Follow Steps to Success

  • 1. Place the 6" x 12" x 5" SmokerCooker on the grate of the Grill; with the cover off.
    2. Place two (2) RapidFire fire starters inside the SmokerCooker.
           * RapidFire is made of 100% FDA ingredients and no petroleum.
  • 3. Surround RapidFire with DiamondKingSmoker Impeccably Cured SmokingWood. 
           * Other wood will work but not as well and we have 16 species to create authentic Smoke House Flavor.
    4. Use a fire place style lighter to light RapidFire; they will light slowly and safely in 3-5 seconds and burn for up to 25 minutes.
           * They are specifically made to ensure simple success every time.
    5. Wait 5 minutes for the fire to get established before putting the cover on the SmokerCooker.
           * During this time place your seasoned meat on the grate of the grill as well.
    6. After 5 minutes put the cover on the SmokerCooker and close the cover of the grill.
    7. By the innovative and patented design of the SmokerCooker the temperature will increase to 200 to 235 degrees; which is perfect for smoking meat, and hold that            for more than 2 hours. If you should want to operate as a wood fired cooker to reach higher temperatures simply use the propane on low along with the                             SmokerCooker. The SmokerCooker Box does all the work.
     8. If you are smoking something longer; such as ribs, turkey, pork shoulder or brisket, simply open up the grill once per hour take the cover off the SmokerCooker;             using a BBQ Fork through the “safety lift design”, add more wood and close it all back up.

  • The Process and System is that easy. In "8 Simple Steps" with the SmokerCooker from DiamondKingSmoker you can create Pit-Master quality Smoke House meat in your own BBQ Grill without ever turning on the Propane as the SmokerCooker does ALL the work. This is definitely going to change the smoking and wood fired cooking process forever and opens the doors for millions of homeowners across the world to a whole new way to smoke cook.


The Starting Line-Up

Smoke Your Favorite Meat with the DiamondKingSmoker Smoker/Cooker. We offer a line of award winning BBQ Accessories. The Original Smoker/Cooker and The Power Mini Smoker/Cooker, 17 varieties of Smoking Wood, World Class FireStarters, Custom Made BBQ Boards, The Best BBQ Pellets in the Business and a Top Line Water Proof Thermometer. 

Q and A on the Smoker/CookeR

1.   What is the Smoker/Cooker made of?

a.   100% Food Grade Stainless Steel.

                                         i.    It is very Durable to hold up to high heat.

2.   How does it work?

a.   Place the Smoker/Cooker in the center of the grill right on the grate.

b.   Surround it with you favorite seasoned Meat.

c.    Place One EliteFireStarter or One RapidFireStarter in the Center of the Smoker/Cooker.

                                         i.    Generic Fire Starters are not recommended.

d.   Surround It with your Favorite Smoking Wood.

                                         i.    Recommend Season Air-Dried for best use.

e.   Light the paper on the edge of the fire starter.

f.     Wait 5 minutes for the fire to get established.

g.   Place the cover on the Smoker/Cooker using a BBQ Utensil.

h.   Close the lid of the grill.

i.     Add more wood every hour.


3.   Do you use the propane on your grill as well?

a.   NO.

                                         i.    The Smoker/Cooker Creates ALL the Heat and All the Smoke.

4.   How do you adjust the temperature?

a.   The Smoker/Cooker is designed to take the guess work out.

b.   It will hold the temperature at the ideal “Smoking Temperature”

5.   How long will it hold the heat?

a.   The Original; the rectangular model, will continue for 3-4 hours.

b.   The Powerful Mini, the square model, will hold the temperature for 2 hours.

6.   Why two different size models?

a.   Space and grill shape.

                                         i.    Use the Rectangular design on 3+ burner size grills.

                                        ii.    Use the Square Model on 2 burner and circular grills.

b.   Capacity

                                         i.    The “Original” holds more wood and thus will hold temp longer.

7.   Does the temp vary between the two models?

a.   Within reason No.

                                         i.    The temperature is controlled by the “design”; not the cubic inch of capacity.

8.   Should the meat be rotated?

a.   Turning the meat 180 degrees each time, you open the grille is recommended to ensure even heat and doneness.


Q and A on Lighting the FIRE

9.   Why is the RapidFire recommended and not any other?

a.   The RapidFire FireStarter compared to others on the market

                                         i.    Lights Faster

                                        ii.    Substantially Hotter (up to 6 Times Higher BTU/Lb.)

                                      iii.    Starts the Fire Every time


What are some unique varieties of wood for smoking

 Almond, Orange, Peach, Pear, Plum, Wild Cherry and yes Mulberry. When performing BBQ Smoking demonstrations and taste testing I frequently hear "wow this is wonderful what kind of seasoning and sauce are you using?" Well the reality is it is simply the variety of smoking woods I use in the Smoker/Cooker.


Is it okay to use dry seasoning?

Absolutely continue to use dry seasonings. Most of the flavor is the natural flavor from smoking wood not the dry seasonings. Read the ingredients on your dry seasonings it will list “Natural Flavor”; the Natural Flavor in the dry seasoning is liquid smoke. The “Smoking Process” is creating liquid smoke. You can never achieve this process from any dry wood; whether it is kiln dried or BBQ Pellets.


How to Create a Unique Flavor Profile?

A key to “The BackYard Pitmaster”; create your own unique flavor profile. One of the factors to create a unique flavor profiles that is difficult to duplicated with seasoning is to experiment with a variety of types of smoking wood. Continue to experiment until it is perfected.


What is “The Smoking Process”

What the DiamondKingSmoker Smoker/Cooker System is actually performing is a process very similar to what high end restaurants use to flavor their meat; liquid smoke. Once again, the key is to create your very own unique flavorful profile; or simply use your standard flavor profiles. This gives you the opportunity to be creative. In using this system what you have just experienced is the creation of “moisture and flavor filled wood smoke”. “Moisture and Flavor Filled Wood Smoke” will infuses flavor and moisture into the meat. Dry seasonings do not add moisture into the meat; they add artificial flavoring.


A Water Pan? Are You Kidding me, a Water Pan!!

What do electric, gas, and charcoal smokers all have in common that is frequently recommended but not ever used in the DiamondKingSmoker Process? The answer is a Water Pan. They are artificially trying to create steam to prevent the meat from drying out from their heat source. DiamondKingSmoker does not need a water pan as the creation of the liquid smoking process naturally creates this moisture for us.


Kiln Dried, Season Air Dried or Green Smoking Wood?

That is a great debate with well-respected BBQ/Smoking professionals. Let's examine this question with wood science facts rather than personal opinions. Wood Science has proven that each specie; “Variety”, of fiber has a unique flavor profile and a unique BTU value. That same specie will also vary somewhat in the region in which it grows depending on mineral base and acidity. Never use softwood trees for smoking meat due to the characteristics of the fiber base. That leads us to hardwoods to channel your decision. 

Moisture Difference

·       Kiln Dried

o   Most hardwoods are Kiln Dried to 3-4% Moisture

§  Mostly used to make furniture, cabinets and flooring

·       Season Air Dried

o   Technically under 19%

·       Green

o   At the point of harvest 45-65%


Keep in mind our opinions do not matter but wood science does. To enhance the flavor of meat it is very well known that most meat is marinated to perform this function. Most marinates have liquid wood smoke in the ingredients. So then let's see how liquid wood smoke is made. Yes, this is a long road to a simple question. However, the facts are required to answer this question.


In a previous career I was a supplier to a liquid wood smoke company.  The only wood that they could use or accept was green; yes commonly 35-45% moisture, sawdust. For clarification, technically by the NLGA Rules green or wet sawdust is sawdust that has a moisture content higher than 19% and of course dry is sawdust that is less than 19%. However, hardwoods are typically dried down to 3-4%. Therefore, when collecting dry sawdust from a hardwood sawmill the sawdust is around 4% moisture.


Back to the point. To make liquid wood smoke they burn green sawdust and collect the steam; “moisture/liquid” of the very moist smoke. This liquid is what is referred to as “liquid wood smoke”. Wood Science proves that wet sawdust is the requirement NOT kiln dried.


In an experiment; use a DiamondKingSmoker Smoker/Cooker in a vertical wood smoker with a glass front. Within 7 (seven) hours the glass will be covered with burned sugars from the fiber base to the point one cannot see through it. Now perform the exact same test using Kiln Dried smoking wood and you will find it will take around 75 (seventy-five) hours to achieve the same moisture/sugars burned onto the glass. With this experiment “Wood Science” prove that “season air-dried” wood has 10 times more sugars and a higher moisture content in its smoke than “kiln-dried” wood. This moisture has been infused into the meat in the transfer of Heat/Smoke.  This proves you will enjoy an enhanced flavor profile with the DiamondKingSmoker System which exclusively uses Season Air-Dried smoking wood than you will achieve with kiln dried smoking wood, charcoal, gas or electric. No other system compares. No Electric or Propane smoker can duplicate this process; they try by soaking wood chips in water; the chips have previously been kiln dried, and thus the flavor profile is limited.


BBQ Pellets or Smoking Wood?

A. DiamondKingSmoker Season Air Dried Smoking Wood


BBQ Pellets need more air flow and create dry wood heat that adds flavor though the dry smoke it creates. BBQ Pellets are required for Pellet Grills and can be used in the DiamondKingSmoker Smoker/Cookers. Season Air-Dried Smoking Wood will create a more flavorful experience and will perform much better.


How To Tell if the Smoking Wood is Dry Or Green?

Is the wood in a box, mesh bag or plastic bag? DiamondKingSmoker Smoking Wood is a Season Air-Dried product and thus the reason we package in a box or a mesh bag. If the bag is not mesh the wood is Kiln Dried. If it was not kiln dried and in a sealed plastic bag it would mold. Most of the Kiln-Dried product is large pieces that are baseball size rather than specially processed for the end use of SmokingWood for smoke cooking meat.


If Your Selection is BBQ Pellets….

DiamondKingSmoker produces the very best in the business. Our pellets are 100% the listed species. Most other BBQ Pellets are as little as 5-10% the listed species and thus the reason when using theirs regardless the specie they all taste about the same.

·       Place a RapidFire Firestarter in the center of the Smoker/Cooker.

·       Mound up DiamondKingSmoker BBQ Pellets

o   Make sure the top of the RapidFire FireStarter is not covered with pellets

o   Make sure the Diamonds on the side are not covered with pellets.

·       Drizzle A Gelled Fire Starter across the top of the pellets making sure some goes over the RapidFire

·       Light the RapidFire FireStarter

o   Wait 5 minutes and put the cover on the Smoker/Cooker

·       Add additional pellets as needed

o   You may need to duplicate the process if you smother the fire with too many pellets

·       Supplemental Heat may be required.

·       You can also use in conjunction with The Smoking Wood


If Your Choice is Smoking Wood…..

If your goal is great flavor the answer is simple DiamondKingSmoker Smoking Wood and Wood Science proves that.  This is not an opinion but rather a fact. 


Notice We NEVER mentioned Wood Chips…..

·       Wood Chips are for landscaping not smoke cooking meat


Functional! Portable! Affordable!

When inventing a new product, it must be Functional, Portable, and Affordable.



The DiamondKingSmoker Smoker/Cooker takes the guess work out. Very Functional. Simply load, light, smoke and enjoy. Hey what is all the confusion about?


What is More American Than a BBQ? We are proudly made in the USA!! The affordable price allows anybody to smoke their favorite meat.


Use it in your Backyard, at the Cabin, In the Parking Lot, Camping, RV or any other destination you choose.



The DiamondKingSmoker System will provide a much better backyard tailgating experience. It is so simple anybody can be a PitMaster now.


Lighting and Operating Instructions

1.   Remember this process does not require any propane or charcoal. The heat and smoke come from the DKS smoking box.

2.   Remove the lid of the DKS and place the box in the center of your grill right on the grate.

3.   Place your favorite seasoned meat on the grate of the grill.

4.   Place two DKS fire starters in the box. The fire starters are 100% natural, non-toxic, food grade and will not affect the flavor of your meat.
* Lights every time; in only 3 seconds.

5.   Fill the DKS Box with your favorite; of up to 17 options, Smoking Wood.

6.   Light the fire starter and replace the cover on the DKS box in 3 to 5 minutes. Then close the lid on the grill.

7.   You will be smoking in a few minutes.

8.  Reminder the DKS box creates all the heat and smoke!!! No propane or charcoal required. This is the only one on the market that can perform this function.

9.   You have just turned your gas grill into a wood smoker. Enjoy the experience!!

10.       As the wood burns it will create heat and smoke. If the temp drops below your target use a BBQ utensil to remove the cover and add more wood.

11.       Never touch a hot smoker!!!!!


A Few Cooking Rules to Follow

1.   If you are smoking food that the finished temp is less than the 160 range no wrapping of the meat is required.

2.   If you are smoking food that you are smoking into the 190 - 205-degree range wrap the meat at 155 degrees and place back on the grill. Remove the wrapping at 180 degrees and place back on the grill until you reach your desired temp.


How to Choose Your Smoking Wood

The smoking wood we offer is harvested and stored indoors to preserve the moisture and cleanliness of your wood. We always ship in a mess bag as our moisture content is ideal for smoking. If you are buying smoking wood in a sealed bag, it is already dried out and has lost great flavor.

When prepping our wood for your smoker box, it’s important to never soak it. Did you ever notice when you soak chips, the water turns brown and you then dump that out? That was the lignin content in the wood, which holds your flavor. Soaking wood destroys the flavor profile. That is simple wood science.


BBQ Pellet Choices

·       Pure Series                                    Supreme Series

o   Hickory                                          Apple

o   Cherry / Wild Cherry                     Blue Ribbon

o   Red Oak                                         Mesquite

o   Sugar Maple                                   Peach





·        ALMOND – This selection has a medium flavor that is great with all meats. It has a nutty and sweet profile similar to Pecan. It has won many awards, is a prized secret, and a must try!

·        APPLE – These chips have a mild flavor for white meat. You can taste the natural sweetness of Washington Red Apple trees. Don’t miss this one when seeking BBQ pellets.

·        APRICOT – When you are seeking wood for white meat, this one is great. It’s close in profile to award winning Peach but a bit sweeter. Try Apricot and your will be back for more.

·        GRAPE – A heavenly wood with poultry, this little gem is from Chardonnay Wines canes. Please note that it is limited in supply.  

·        HICKORY – This selection is great with all meats and is likely America's favorite. Try it today with our wood chip smoker box.

·        WHITE OAK – Wonderful for beef with an awesome flavor profile, this wood is not as strong flavored as Mesquite. 

·        ORANGE – When you want something fairly mild and great with all meats, try this selection. It as a nice fruity flavor, but is extremely hot!

·        MULBERRY – These chips have a mild flavor with a sweet, yet fruity, flavor. It’s also tangy with a hint of wild blackberry flavor. Try it with all meats.

·        PEACH – Choose this one for pork and poultry when you want a sweet and mild flavor. Peach is a favorite amongst many professional smokers

·        PEAR – Incredible. Enjoy a light, sweet, and woodsy flavor with your poultry, gamebirds, and pork with pear wood.

·        PECAN – An absolute can't miss, this wood is dynamite for white meat. It has more flavor than fruit woods, but it is not as strong as hickory or mesquite.

·        PLUM – When cooking fish, plum wood is the best choice. Furthermore, you can use it with poultry and do a 75% plum and 25% pecan split for neighborhood pulled pork.  

·        POST OAK -This mild flavor wood is fantastic on brisket as well as an ADDED wood on ribs.

·        RED OAK – Medium flavor Smoke Intensity and is very commonly used with BEEF.

·        SUGAR MAPLE – Sweet and Mild, this is a great smoke producer. Try is with pork and poultry.

·        SWEET CHERRY – Another of America's favorite, this mild and fruity wood is great for beef, poultry, and salmon, but is bitter for swordfish.

·        WILD CHERRY – A touch of a sweet flavor that is similar in flavor as combination of sweet cherry and plum. Will turn your meat into an amazing color of mahogany. Secret gem of mine for all meats!!  




RapidFire Fire Starter

Our all-natural, non-toxic fire starter is fail proof. It provides 20 minutes or more of burn and is guaranteed to light immediately.  Two-ounce cup of peer magic. Non-Petroleum Base.

 Chunks & Mini-Splits

These custom cut fresh wood chunks are specifically sized to fit our smoker box. We use 100% fresh wood processed to achieve a premier smoking flavor. All of our wood is inspected prior to packaging and offers delicious BBQ flavor. We offer 17 incredible flavors (species of wood).

Smoke at 200-225 F
1.5 Hrs. / lb.
       195 degrees Finshed Temperature 

Smoke at 200 to 225 F
1 Hr. / lb.
       155 degrees Finished Temperature 
Smoke at 200-225 F
1.5 Hrs. / lb.
       190-205 degrees Finished Temperature

Smoke at 200-225 F
5 – 6 Hours
       160 – 180 degrees Finished Temperature

Smoke at 200-225 F 
   160 – 165 degrees Finished Temperature 
CHICKEN (5-6 lbs.)
Smoke at 225-250 F
3 hours
      165 degrees Finished Temperature

TURKEY (12 lb. whole)
Smoke at 225-250 F
6-8 hours
      165 degrees Finished Temperature
SALMON (filet)
Smoke at 200 degrees
30-45 Minute
     140 degrees Finished Temperature

SALMON (whole)
Smoke at 200 degrees
3-4 hours
     145 degrees Finished Temperature 


Important Smoker Information

Prep Amazing Meats with the DiamondKingSmoker stainless steel smoker box. We offer great BBQ grill accessories for your needs, including a fire starter, smoking wood and BBQ pellets.

Lighting and Operating Instructions

  1. Remember this process does not require any propane or charcoal. The heat and smoke come from the DKS smoking box.
  2. Remove the lid of the DKS and place the box in the center of your grill right on the grate.
  3. Place your favorite seasoned meat on the grate of the grill.
  4. Place two DKS fire starters in the box. The fire starters are100% natural, non-toxic, food grade and will not affect the flavor of your meat.
    a. Lights every time; in only 3 seconds.
  5. Fill the DKS Box with your choice of up to 17 kinds of wood; see the SMOKING WOOD TAB.
  6. Light the fire starter and wait five minutes replace the cover on the Smoker/Cooker. Then close the lid on the grill.
  7. Reminder the DKS box provides all the heat and smoke!!! No propane or charcoal required. This is the only one on the market like this.
    a. Don't confuse this with the chip and pellet smokers that you do use propane with that create very little heat and a hint of smoke.
  8. You have just turned your gas grill into a wood smoker. You will love the experience!!
  9. As the wood burns it will create heat and smoke. If the temp drops below your target use a BBQ utensil to remove the cover and add more wood.
  10. Never touch a hot smoker!!!!!

A Few Cooking Rules to Follow

  1. If you are smoking food that the finished temp is less than the 160 range no wrapping of the meat is required.
  2. If you are smoking food that you are smoking into the 190 - 205 degree range wrap the meat with peach cooking paper at 155 degrees and place back on the grill. Remove the cooking paper at 180 degrees and place back on the grill until you reach your desired temp.
  3. You now can enjoy the best BBQ experience possible.

Are you ready to try our stainless steel smoker box and smoking wood? Shop our selection of BBQ grill accessories and make an amazing meal!


Check out some of our DiamondKingSmoker videos here.