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Important Smoker Information

Prep Amazing Meats with the DiamondKingSmoker stainless steel smoker box. We offer great BBQ grill accessories for your needs, including a fire starter, smoking wood and BBQ pellets.

Lighting and Operating Instructions

  1. Remember this process does not require any propane or charcoal. The heat and smoke come from the DKS smoking box.
  2. Remove the lid of the DKS and place the box in the center of your grill right on the grate.
  3. Place your favorite seasoned meat on the grate of the grill.
  4. Place two DKS fire starters in the box. The fire starters are100% natural, non-toxic, food grade and will not affect the flavor of your meat.
    a. Lights every time; in only 3 seconds.
  5. Fill the DKS Box with your choice of up to 15 kinds of wood; see the SMOKING WOOD TAB.
  6. Light the fire starter and replace the cover on the DKS box immediately. Then close the lid on the grill.
  7. You will be smoking in a few minutes.
  8. Reminder the DKS box provides all the heat and smoke!!! No propane or charcoal required. This is the only one on the market like this.
    a. Don't confuse this with the chip and pellet smokers that you do use propane with that create very little heat and a hint of smoke.
  9. You have just turned your gas grill into a wood smoker. You will love the experience!!
  10. As the wood burns it will create heat and smoke. If the temp drops below your target use a BBQ utensil to remove the cover and add more wood.
  11. Never touch a hot smoker!!!!!

A Few Cooking Rules to Follow

  1. If you are smoking food that the finished temp is less than the 160 range no wrapping of the meat is required.
  2. If you are smoking food that you are smoking into the 190 - 205 degree range wrap the meat with peach cooking paper at 155 degrees and place back on the grill. Remove the cooking paper at 180 degrees and place back on the grill until you reach your desired temp.
  3. You now can enjoy the best BBQ experience possible.

Are you ready to try our stainless steel smoker box and smoking wood? Shop our selection of BBQ grill accessories and make an amazing meal!