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Why Buy The DiamondKingSmoker BBQ Pellets?

The biggest complaint by pellet grill owners is they cannot get the grill hot enough and the lack of the flavor profile; stating that no matter what specie they buy they all taste the same. We have resolved both challenges here at DiamondKingSmoker, offering the highest quality BBQ PELLET in the industry. If the bag does not have the DiamondKingSmoker label on it you bought the wrong pellet and here is why.

    •  When other companies label the BBQ Pellet as; Cherry for Example, it contains as little as 5% Cherry and even contains flavored oils.
      • Notice those companies list as 100% Hardwood. They do NOT list the as 100% Cherry.
    • When DiamondKingSmoker labels as Pure Cherry it is 100% Pure Cherry Sawdust.
      • Absolutely no other Specie is Used that is not listed.
    • The other companies should be required to label as CONTAINS CHERRY not FALSELY LABELED CHERRY.
    • Being our pellet is 100% the listed specie the flavor is much better.
  3. We don't hide our pellet in a colored bag. We want your to see what your are using to cook your food. THE CLEAR DIFFERENCE.
  4. The Answer is simple you have been lied to by these other companies.

The Truth about the BBQ Pellet Industry

Let us start with some facts that the consumer is looking for the BTU value, or heat output, and the flavor profile (taste).

You should know what is in your BBQ PELLETS; you may be surprised, after all  it is cooking your food. When most BBQ Pellet manufacturors list a pellet as cherry – it is only a very small part cherry. Some pellets have as little as 5%, so what is in the rest?  It is the rest of the pellet is what  determines the heat value and flavor profile. Most BBQ pellet mills use inexpensive saw dust as filler, which mostly includes bark. Bark is very high in ash content – minerals and acid – and can make your meat taste indifferent. The filler is not consistent thus the flavor and heat value changes greatly. Have you ever tried smoking pellets that at one time it taste great and heats well and other times it does not? Now you know why.

If you have issues getting your pellet grill hot enough check out these heating values and find out what REALLY is in your PELLET.

Check out this data on heating values below keeping in mind Alder grows in the Pacific Northwest and a lot of BBQ pellets are produced in the Pacific Northwest.

 Try the DiamondKingSmoker Pellets and you will realize the difference

Much More Heat
A Better Flavor Profile

These are all simple forest facts. As one consumer told me that he was using a national brand and in the winter months could only get his grill to 300 degrees and in the summer to 410 degrees. He tried the DKS BBQ pellets and heat is no longer an issue as it is up to 49% hotter than leading brands. No games here at DKS just an awesome pellet. Three testing groups told us we had the highest performing pellet in the industry. Never heard of us? After years of research and private labeling we are here to serve the industry.

Ask your dealer what it is in their smoke pellet? If they don't know you should be concerned.

Per Million BTU Value per Cord

ALDER – 14.8*
APPLE – 21.6
CHERRY – 19.5
HICKORY – 23.7
MAPLE – 24.1
PECAN – 22.3
RED OAK – 25.1
WHITE OAK – 26.1

* The competition makes a pellet with Alder and it is supposed to get hot??....NO chance
We use the finest to create unmatched heat value and an unmatched flavor profile

Contact us today to inquire about our BBQ pellets and the Original Smoker/Cooker box.

Introducing Our PURE SERIES BBQ Pellet Lines!!



Sugar Maple 

Red Oak

Blue Ribbon

California Proposition 65....Cutting, saw, sanding, handling and other functions of wood can create wood sawdust. The State of California has determined that inhaling wood sawdust can cause cancer. Please refrain from these activities if you are concerned.  www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/wood