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Smoking Instructions

Smoke at the target profile temperature for the product you are cooking.

Fill the box with choice of DKS fruit wood product and DKS fire starter. Start the smoker box and watch the temperature rise to your optimal temperature. If you want higher heat or lower heat it it can be adjusted by the number of the lower holes that are covered; every grill will be different due to size and air flow.  To adjust heat plug lower holes with stainless steel pieces enclosed. A default starting point is all holes open. If the temperature is holding to your optimal temperature, do nothing.

Once the smoker has been smoking every hour remove the cover with a BBQ utensil. Add a few more wood chunks and keep the Smoker/Cooker rolling for hours on end.

If your final temp is under 160 degrees you do not need to use cooking paper. 

If your final temp is in the 195 to 205 range (example pulled meat) take the meet off the grill at 155 to 160 degree range and wrap with peach cooking paper. Place the wrapped meat back on the grill gate and continue until you hit 185. At this point remove the paper and finish to your desired temperature.


Smoking Temp Cooking Time Finished Temp
Brisket (Pulled) 200-225 degrees 1.5 hours per lb. 195 degrees
Chuck Roast 250 degrees 1 hour per lb. 155 degrees


Smoking Temp Cooking Time Finished Temp
Pork Butt (Pulled) 200-225 degrees 1.5 hours per lb. 190-205 degrees
Baby Back Ribs 200-225 degrees 5 hours 160 degrees
Pork Sausage 200-225 degrees                                         


Smoking Temp Cooking Time Finished Temp
Chicken (Whole) 250 degrees 3-4 hours 180 degrees
Chicken Quarters 250 degrees 3 hours 175 degrees
Turkey (12 lb. Whole) 240 degrees 6-8 hours 180 degrees
Duck (Whole) 250 degrees 8-12 hours 170 degrees


Smoking Temp Cooking Time Finished Temp
Salmon (Filet) 200 degrees 30-40 minutes 140 degrees
Salmon (Whole) 200 degrees 3-4 hours 145 degrees


Caution never touch a hot box…Injury at Your Own Risk.  Always Use Pliers or BBQ Tool To Remove A Hot Cover.
Leave Ashes In The DKS Until They Are Completely Cool.