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Turn Into a Grill Master With Our Fire Starter and Smoke Box

Turn your backyard grill into the ultimate BBQ smoking system with BBQ grill accessories from DiamondKingSmoker. We provide all the accessories you need, including the DKS-Smoker/Cooker Box, the finest Smoking Woods available and our fail proof Food Grade Fire Starters , to transform your current grill into a smoker. Don't waste your money purchasing a high-priced smoker. Get all the benefits of freshly smoked meat for your next picnic or cookout with our innovative smoking box and accessories.

Smoker Box

Our stainless steel smoking box turns any grill into a smoker by sitting right on the grill without propane. Infuse natural flavors into meat without worrying about flare-ups.

How To Use Our Box

Our smoker box is easy to use. Follow these instructions:

• Place Food On Grill
• Place Box With Cover Off On the Grill
• Place One Fire Starter In the Center Of Smoker Box
• Surround the Fire Starter With Your Favorite Fruit Wood
• Use a Fireplace-Style Lighter To Light the Fire Starter
• Put the Cover On the Smoking Box
• Close the Lid Of Your Grill and Smoke To Recommended Temperature

Smoker Box

Fire Starter

Shack Chunks

Safety Information

Never touch a hot smoker box. Touching a hot box may result in injuries. Use pliers to remove the hot cover and leave ashes in the box until they are completely cool.

Fire Starter

Our FOOD GRADE all-natural, non-toxic fire starter is fail proof. It provides 15 minutes or more of burn time and is guaranteed to light immediately. It is 2" in Diameter and the easiest/most effective way of lighting of your smoker, fireplace, or fire pit.

Cook Shack Chunks & Mini-Splits

These custom cut fresh wood chunks are specifically sized to fit our smoker box. Dried out wood is never used. We use 100% fresh wood achieve a premier smoking flavor. All of our wood is inspected prior to packaging and offers delicious BBQ flavor. We offer 15 different flavors.

Non-Toxic Fire Starter

BBQ Pellets

Burning up to 49 percent hotter than other leading brands, we use a fiber base and 100% natural hardwood so there are no artificial flavors or binding agents. It does not contain low heat value alder (which technically is a hardwood but has a very low heat value).

For those of you who have a pellet grill or choose; to purchase the under design Pellet Smoker Box, we have a very high quality BBQ Pellets.
• Up to 49% Hotter than Leading Brands
• Finally able to sear your favorite meat
• 100% Natural Hardwoods
• No Artificial Flavors or Binding Agents
• Does NOT contain Low-Heat Fiber; Alder!!
• Great for any Pellet Grill or Smoking Appliance

Contact us to learn more about our BBQ fire starter and other BBQ grill accessories.

Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence