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Become the ultimate grill master, cooking up tender, smoked meats with our cutting-edge smoker box and BBQ accessories sold by DiamondKingSmoker in Rosemount, Minnesota. Ideal for BBQ lovers nationwide, our top-quality products turn any grill into a smoker in a snap. Whether you are a seasoned BBQ smoking veteran or a novice griller, our premium stainless steel smoker box and accessories, such as our smoke pellets, will have you smoking like a skilled pitmaster.

Grilled Meats

A Love Of Grilling

Passionate about barbequing and smoking since 1986, we've used numerous other items and techniques to cook our meats, but were always displeased with the fluctuation of heat and flare-ups we experienced from a gas smoker. After switching to wood heat only, we decided to design a stainless steel smoker box that would prevent flare-ups, provide steady heat, and enhance the flavor of your favorite cut of meat. We love that we are able to showcase a system to those new to smoking or make the experience more pleasurable for seasoned grillers.

Mission Statement

BBQ smoking is easy if you own the DiamondKingSmoker. Our smoker box and smoke pellets convert any grill into a smoker and a smoker into a fine-tuned machine.

Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence